Why Millennials are a Great Fit for the Construction Industry

When we think of the construction industry, we tend to picture one demographic of people predominantly filling positions within this field. We picture baby boomers, those with old fashioned values and interests who are naturally suited to pursue such a salt of the earth profession.

While this might be the prevailing stereotype about construction, the industry is changing and evolving. Millennials are actually finding an immense amount of job satisfaction in construction and their employers couldn’t be happier to have them there. Before you scoff at the idea of the “entitled” or “narcissistic” generation succeeding in a field that’s all about old school work ethic, pause and consider these reasons why millennials are a great fit for the construction industry.

They Want To Grow With One Company

If you think millennials are flighty and like to bounce from business to business, you’re sorely misinformed. Millennials do value the concept of moving up and being promoted, but they would overwhelmingly prefer to do it with one company. Millennials value loyalty and they love feeling like they are deeply embedded in a team. While they do have big aspirations, they want to stay in one place for as long as possible.

They’re Tech Savvy

If construction doesn’t embrace new technology, the industry will fall behind quickly. While baby boomer employees might value the tried and true methods of doing business, millennials want to use tech to innovate and find creative new solutions for old problems. When you combine the innovative and tech-positive attitude of millennials with the old methods embraced by baby boomers, you get a nice mix of ideas that can help to take any construction company to the next level.

They Love Teamwork

If a construction company doesn’t have a cohesive team that runs like a well-oiled machine, they’re fairly doomed. In the world of construction, teamwork is essential to not only getting the job done, but getting the job done safely. Millennials value not the concept of the individual getting ahead, but rather of the team as a whole working together to grow. Your team will never be stronger than it is when you bring millennials on board.

It’s time to reevaluate how this industry looks at millennials. Stop thinking of these young job seekers as spoiled or juvenile. Instead, look at them as the team-oriented innovators that they truly are.