Lloyd Claycomb: How to Get Your Team Onboard With New Technology

By Lloyd Claycomb

The relevance of technological solutions in all industries has trended upwards at a high pace for years now, and the construction industry is no exception. In an annual construction technology report released by JB Knowledge in 2015, over 2,000 builders were surveyed to gain better insight into just what the rate of technology utilization is in the industry.

JB Knowledge’s report revealed that construction companies have progressively begun to adopt technological solutions such as 3D scanning, drones, and even virtual reality at an increasing rate. These changes make promising implications for the future of construction efficiency, but naturally, it may not always be easy to get an entire team onboard with the changes to come.

A bit of natural resistance to the unfamiliar is to be expected, but with the right finesse, your workers can be smoothly converted into looking at new technological implementations in a new light. If you want to have an easier time getting all of your team members acclimated to the introduction of technology into the field, then the following techniques can serve you and the team very well.

Conduct regular team training sessions to help the team acclimate at a controlled pace

Lloyd Claycomb Team Building
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The best way to familiarize your team members with new technology is to offer them the opportunity to get the most hands-on experience that they can with using it themselves. By allowing them to train in the use of the technology, they’ll feel more personally invested in it and perceive an incentive to see how the results of their training manifest in the live work environment.

Clearly explain all of the ways that they stand to benefit from new technologies in the workplace

No matter how many technical benefits there may be to a brand new technology, ultimately, your team members will want to know exactly how it is that they stand to benefit from the new technology’s arrival. Make a point to emphasize not only what makes the new technology unique, but what makes it something that they should be grateful for making their lives easier.

Emphasize only a couple of unique, simple key factors that make a new technological implementation worth considering

When explaining the way that any technology works, simpler is always better. The more simply that you can communicate the value of just one or two core features that emphasize the unique function of the technology, the better that the people you explain it to will be able to comprehend exactly what it is and what it does.

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